1. Fill out the online application form (today to 5PM on April 10, 2017)111
  2. Complete online design submission (February 13, 2017 to 5PM  on April 10, 2017)222

Design Area Details

The Second Taichung City Hall is located between Taiwan Boulevard and Wenhsin Road. It was designed by the Swiss firm Weber+Hofer AGArchitects and Liu Peisen Architects as one of the keynote buildings of the 7th Redevelopment Zone. It forms the “Second Taichung City Administration Center” together with the nearby Taichung City Council building. The main body of the building is covered with glass curtains while the lower-middle part sports a hollowed-out design. The architectural spaces are named the Wenhsin Building (east side), Central Hallway and Huizhong Building (west side). Its service officially began on December 25, 2010, when Taichung City and Taichung County were integrated into one administrative area. The integrated Taichung City government used this building as its main office area. With the optimization of the bus lane and the development of the metro system, the surrounding area of the Taichung City Hall building is constantly changing its appearance.

The “Second Taichung City Administration Center” connects the city hall building and city council buildings with outdoor areas such as “city hall plaza” and “central gardens.” In response to the urban aesthetics of the 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo, the central hallway of the City Administration Center will serve as the center of the garden city greening project spanning the open areas around the main building, making it a prime example of the promotion of urban aesthetics. The concept is “Flower and Green of vibrancy—listening to the sound of blossoming flowers with the citizens of Taichung.” Therefore, this design competition is held in hopes of gathering ideas from city folks. Participants are encouraged imagine the future of city hall square and form a bond with the administration in promoting the development of Taichung’s city administration.

Design Area

Design Details

The center of the area open for designing is the central hallway City Administration Center as a center, extending to the open spaces around city hall building. There are no limits to the actual dimensions, location and size of the design. It is recommended that the designs use concepts such as public art, sculpture, multi-media, environmental enhancement, botanical and ecological engineering, etc. The only limit is that the estimated cost of construction be equal to or less than NT$8 million.

Target Contestants

Artists, landscape architects, horticulturalists, architects, spatial designers and graduates of related disciplines from both Taiwan and abroad. All other amateurs or professionals interested in landscaping, installations, public art and spatial arrangements are also welcome. (contestants may enter by themselves or as a group, each group may contain up to 5 members) Each contestant, group and design may be submitted only once.

Submission Deadline and Design Rules
Stage One: Online Application

Please complete online application at the event website ( before 5PM on April 10, 2017.

Stage Two: Design Submission
Please upload the design file to the event website to “participate in online voting.”
Deliver in person or send by post the “printed designs, disc with file and various attachments” to 9F-6, No. 100, Linsen N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City before 5PM on April 10, 2017.


  1. Please complete the application process before submitting design. <Please refer to the process above>
  2. The design print must be A1 size (2 A1 pages or less with definition of 300 or more. All types of designs are accepted, as long as they are sufficient to display the content (must include plans, facades, perspectives or other methods). Please use CAD, AI, CDR or other original formats in the file disc. The files must be uploaded in JPG, PNG or PDF format after scanning or photographing. <File name: application number + name or group name on “application form” >
  3. The designs must include images sufficient to display the design concepts such as plans, facades, perspectives or partial designs, with descriptions of technical details such as engineering methods.
  4. Feasibility of construction must be taken into account.
  5. Please attach application form or group application form to the back of each design. Overdue submissions and submissions that do not meet organizer standards will not be accepted. All participating designs (whether award-winning or not) will not be returned. The organizer reserves the right to alter designs in consideration of actual construction.
  6. Entries must be unpublished (definition of “published”: print publishing, public display, online publishing including blogs and works that finished honorable mention or better in photography contests). Other contestants have the right and responsibility to adduce evidence. Contestants must abide by any final decision made by the organizer.
  7. The estimated budget for construction is NT$8 million.
  8. Please fill in the application form online to complete stage one application. <Please refer to the process above>
  9. In addition to the designs, please attach application form, creative concept form, copyright contract, authorization and disclosure statement, personal information agreement and documents for verification for stage two applications. <Please refer to the process above>

Stage Three: Model and Animation Submission by Shortlisted Contestants

After shortlisted contestants have been informed, please construct a model of the design no larger than 100cm*60cm and a three minute animation file. Please complete the procedure below before 5PM on April 24, 2017:

Deliver model: deliver in person or send by post to the organizer, Urban Development Bureau, Taichung City Government. Address: 40341 No. 99, Minquan Rd., West Dist., Taichung City

Deliver animation file: Please e-mail the 3-minute animation file to


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